Many DISCOVER SHOOTING students have offered to provide testimonials about the excellent quality of our training.  Below are a few examples of some things our students have written to us about our classes.  We've used only the student's first names or initials (as they requested), so as to maintain their privacy.  From time-to-time, we'll add more testimonials.


Hi Deborah,

A quick note to let you know that I got my Maryland Concealed Carry Permit today!  You made the entire process so much easier.  I hate paperwork, but you did all the hard work and made it very easy for me.  I’m sure that if I had tried to go through the process alone, I would have made a ton of mistakes, only to have my application returned to do over, or outright denied.  You saved me time, money, and saved me from a lot of stress.  Thank you!

David C.

I got my Maryland Carry Permit yesterday.  It's been a long journey and thank you for all of your help.

God Bless


Mark and Deborah Jane,

Thank you for your excellent [Utah/Multi-state concealed carry] course this past Saturday.  It was a pleasure to learn from dedicated firearms professionals such as you.  Your class preparation and thorough knowledge of the Utah and Virginia regulations were very apparent.

Warm regards,


Thank you both again!  You're just such kind people.  I really needed this.  I got a lot out of just meeting you two! Celebrated my [handgun] qualification. 

Thanks again!


Good Morning Mark and Deborah,

Hi!  I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic course on the first of the year.  Me and John received our permits on the 24th of the month; only 21 days, including weekends!



Mark and Deborah Jane:

Thanks again for hosting such a great class on Saturday.  I left feeling very informed and empowered with the knowledge you provided.

All the best,


My husband and I were in your class today.    Thanks for the class.  It was very informative.   We enjoyed it. 




First, thank you both again for a fantastic class.  I have already handed your business card with very strong recommendations to a couple of my coworkers, and just a few minutes ago I spoke with another good friend in Leesburg, who may be contacting you about the class.  The class was so effective that [my wife], this past Monday, was finally comfortable enough to try shooting handguns. 



 Again, thank you very much for the help and the course.  It was very insightful and clarifying.



Thanks very much, Mark and Deborah!

I really appreciate everything you helped me with when I attended the Virginia and Utah carry permit training class. Your instruction was so thorough and interesting, and you were very thoughtful of and patient with me on and off the range!  I highly recommend your classes to anyone who desires to be educated by experienced and conscientious professionals!  Deborah really had a bit of of paperwork to prepare, and it was made ready for me with professionalism I haven't seen matched...except, perhaps at an attorney's office! :)

Thanks again, and I look forward to future classes taken through Discover Shooting!



Mark and Deborah,

Just wanted to let you know I just received my [Virginia Concealed Handgun] Permit in the mail today.   It was a bright spot after a dreary day.  Now on to getting the Utah permit.

Thanks for the class you gave as it was very informative and you made it easy to grasp hold of the fundamentals and responsibilities of carrying a firearm.

I do see another class in the near future.

Thanks again,


Mark & Deborah Jane,

FYI, I told you I would share my process with you on the timeline when I received my UTAH CFP.

Here it is.

May 4 - I took your class
May 24 - Utah BCI debited my Credit Card.
July 16 - Utah issued my CFP
July 22 - I received my CFP in the mail.

Again, thanks for the professional first rate class.  


NOTE:  Transcript of a voicemail message: 

"Hi, this is Ed.  I had your class today [8/3].  I really appreciate it.  Again, thanks.  It was very informative, and I learned a lot.  Good luck with your new mission.  Thanks a lot."

The following reply comment was posted by one of our students (Mike) in response to an online query from someone about where to get UTAH concealed carry permit classes in Northern Virginia.  Mike replied to another person who posted online: 

"Check out [].  They have a frequent schedule and their UT class was great."

Dear Mark and Deborah,

What a pleasure it was to meet you both on Sunday.  Both of us were amazed at the organized and efficient set-up in your office.  We were also most appreciative of your knowledge of the topics we discussed, and the information you shared with us.  Thank you so much for the valuable service you provided to us.  We hope to see you again sometime.

John and Marie

NOTE FROM DISCOVER SHOOTING -- This couple didn't even take our class.   They had taken their class from another instructor more than a year earlier, and subsequently had received notice from Utah that they each needed to submit a new set of fingerprints for their Utah applications.  Their former instructor didn't assist them in getting a new set of fingerprints done, and they also still had a lot of questions about concealed carry, so we helped them out.  When they came over to our home one Sunday afternoon, we took the time to help answer all the concealed carry questions that they still needed answered, and we also provided a new set of fingerprints for each of them -- at no charge! 

Dear Mark and Deborah,

I just wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for the tremendous job you guys did in helping both my father and myself to obtain our Concealed carry licenses.  We (Dad and I) took this class last year to gain the necessary requirements to obtain our Utah, VA and FL permits.  I purchased your class as a gift to my father for Father’s Day.  Needless to say, I was more than impressed by the amount of support you guys gave us in walking me through each step to make it a smooth process.  You even drove us to the Fairfax Police station for the required fingerprinting [for the FL and VA non-resident permits] and to the NRA Shooting range for our live fire requirement for the FL permit (with no additional cost for your time).  I don’t know of any other Firearms Instructors that would provide this level of service.  It is truly apparent that you are extremely dedicated to our cause and are both patriots of this great nation.


Mike (son) and Anthony (dad)

Mark and Deborah Jane,

My wife and I were very pleased with your class.  You both:  a) are very knowledgeable,  b) patiently answer all questions and  c) are very attentive to detail.  We are certainly glad we took your course.



With all the choices available what a good decision it was to choose to attend your class.  Mark, you were outstanding in your presentation and knowledge of the gun safety rules. Deborah, I really think that your review and preparation of all the required forms was a welcomed additional bonus for all the students.  You will remain a high referral on my list for fellow gun owners. 


Mark and Deborah Jane,

Just wanted you to know that the Utah Permit just arrived in the mail. I am thrilled to finally have this permit.
I want to thank you for a superb, thorough course and exceptionally detailed application assistance.  Also for just being wonderful, genuine, good people.  It was a great experience, and so good to meet you and get to know you a little bit. I'll stop by next time I make it to a Chantilly gun show.

(Retired Naval Officer)

* * * First, a “THANK YOU” email from a MD permit applicant. * * *


Just a quick note to let you know I got my Maryland Concealed Carry Permit in the mail today.  The permit lists a restriction as “Valid only while conducting business as Owner of [company name redacted for privacy reasons],” which is fine, because I’m only in Maryland when I am on business there.  Thanks for your help.

David C.



DISCOVER SHOOTING reminded David that he could request a formal review with the MD Handgun Permit Review Board (“HPRB”), to ask that the restriction(s) on his permit be removed, so he would have an UNRESTRICTED MD permit.   He considered that a good option, and so he followed through with requesting the formal review.  Although it took six (6) months for David finally to have his day before the HPRB, read below about his very **successful** outcome!


* * * Follow-up “THANK YOU” email from a MD permit applicant, who got an UNRESTRICTED MD permit! * * *


Just a quick note that I went in front of the Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board tonight and was able to get the “valid only while conducting business” restriction removed!

Thanks again for all your help.

I’ll be reaching out to you again soon to get help with [another state’s] permit.


David C.



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