Want to be able to conceal carry your handgun in up to 39 STATES (or more)? ANd what about dc and/or md? yes, we can help with training for those jurisdictions, too!


Ask us for details!


At DISCOVER SHOOTING, we teach both experienced and non-experienced students.  We offer both group and individual (1:1) class settings.

We also help our students with the required paperwork for permit applications, because it can be daunting to make sure all the documents you need are included. Plus, we’ll help with the paperwork, even for folks who didn’t (or didn’t need to) do their training with us, for one reason or another (e.g., those who serve, or previously served, in the military, etc.).


Check details here on our website, then contact us at DISCOVER SHOOTING to discuss how we can fulfill YOUR firearms training needs!


Located in Northern VA, we primarily serve students who are residents of VA, DC, MD, PA and WV, but we also can serve students from other states, by special arrangement.  We travel to do training, as well.  Ask us for details!



If you want to know more about how reciprocity agreements affect your ability to carry in other states, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help you figure out which non-resident permits may best meet your individual out-of-state carrying needs. 


Our UTAH/Multi-state/BASIC class will provide the training necessary to apply for a Utah Non-resident concealed carry permit. The Utah Non-resident permit adds reciprocity with three (3) additional states (Delaware, Washington state, and Wisconsin) for those with a VA permit alone. Plus, it provides reciprocity in several states for residents of DC and MD. It's also possible that you may wish to obtain one or more other non-resident permits, as well, in order to increase (or overlap) your reciprocity even more.

Also, we want to remind you that we do concealed carry training for DC and/or MD! Our UTAH/Multi-state/BASIC class, and ADVANCED class, can help to fulfill some or all of the requirements for DC and/or MD permits!

The next Nation's Gun Show will be held AT the dulles expo center (in chantilly, va), APRIL 12, 13, and 14, 2019!


These are the hours that the show will be open:


Friday, APRIL 12:  3pm8pm

Saturday, APRIL 13:  9am5pm

Sunday, APRIL 14:  10am5pm


Please come and see us at our table at the gun show.  While there, you can sign up for a class – and possibly receive an exclusive “Gun Show Discount” or, just stop by to say, "hi" to us! 


You'll find our table along the middle of the back wall – we're located near the men's and ladies' rooms doors.  From the main entrance, look all the way across the hall to the back wall, and you should see the very tall display with a banner for UTAH/Multi-state Concealed Carry Classes, a large U.S. Concealed Carry Map banner, and other banners high above our table! 


NOTE:  We have one of the tallest displays at the show, so our table should be fairly easy to find.



We offer an exclusive "Gun Show Discount" on our UTAH/Multi-state/BASIC concealed carry classes, for those who register in person at our table at the Nation's Gun Show, whenever the show is held at the Dulles Expo Center, in Chantilly VA. 


DISCOUNTS on some of our classes also regularly are available to those who currently serve, or previously served, in the MILITARY, as well as for those who are (or have been) LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (yes, some want civilian permits, particularly if they did not serve long enough to qualify under “LEOSA”), FIREFIGHTERS, EMS PERSONNEL, TEACHERS, STUDENTS, VCDL (Virginia Citizen’s Defense League), and MSI (Maryland Shall Issue) MEMBERS, etc.  In some cases, family members may be eligible for discounts, too!  Other types of discounts also are possible e.g., group discounts, couples' discounts, etc.  Ask us for more information!


To register for a class, or obtain more information, please click the "Contact Us" link on the website, and fill in your contact details, or email us directly at: