You do NOT need to own a handgun, nor do you need to have any prior firearms experience or equipment, to take this class!  This class will help to familiarize the student with handguns (semi-automatic and/or revolver).

This is an excellent class for those with no handgun experience, or who are inexperienced shooters.  It’s also great for those who plan to purchase a handgun, or who already have a handgun, but who need to learn, or become more proficient in, how to operate, clean, maintain and store a handgun.

Course topics include:  firearm safety; operation, cleaning, maintenance and storage; fundamentals of marksmanship; one hour of range training – and more.  In this class, you will be able to handle several handguns, and to choose one (or more) to shoot.  You're also welcome to shoot your own handgun, provided that it is in good, working condition.

The class is scheduled on an "as-needed: basis.  Although it is usually is not offered as a scheduled group class, it can accommodate one individual, as well as a small-to-medium-sized group.  If you would liked to schedule a session for yourself, for a family member or friend, or for a private group, please contact us ASAP to reserve a date for your class.

NOTE:  This is NOT a concealed carry class!  BUT, those who take this class will receive a discount off the price of any of our concealed carry classes and also a discounted rate on future Range Training and Laser Training sessions.


To register for a class, or obtain more information, please click the "Contact Us" link on the website, and fill in your contact details, or email us directly at: