We offer SELF-DEFENSE Classes* on a variety of topics, and we'll also do our best to provide a class (or series of classes) to meet your individual self-defense training needs. 


Topics of some SELF-DEFENSE Classes we've offered, include:

"Ground Techniques for Beginners"

"Don't Become a Victim!"

"Self-defense and Your Gun"

"Beyond the Gun"

"Deeper Exploration into Self-Defense"

...and more!


Private group and individual classes are scheduled by special arrangement.   Let us know what are your self-defense goals, and we will do our best to provide you with SELF-DEFENSE training that will fulfill those goals.


For more details about our SELF-DEFENSE Classes,* or to set up a group or individual class, please see our contact information, below.

* NOTE:  Self-defense classes are NOT eligible for any discounts.


To register for a class, or obtain more information, please click the "Contact Us" link on the website, and fill in your contact details, or email us directly at: