MARK runs DISCOVER SHOOTING (with help from his wife, DEBORAH), and serves as the company's primary instructor.  Mark and Deborah rely on their different backgrounds and strengths when conducting concealed carry training classes and other firearms instruction.  Both are well-versed in firearms laws, and they are firearm owners who strongly believe in exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Their goal is to help you do likewise.  As committed Second Amendment advocates, Mark and Deborah also are members of several organizations that help to preserve and maintain Second Amendment rights for all law-abiding citizens.

MARK is a certified NRA Pistol and Rifle instructor, a certified Utah instructor, and a Maryland qualified instructor.  In addition to teaching concealed carry training classes, Mark also does other firearms training, including:  handgun, rifle and shotgun training (including AR-15 training), laser training and more.  As a survivor of several attempted crimes, including a handgun assault, home burglaries and carjackings, Mark is particularly passionate about the ability of all law-abiding citizens being able to defend themselves from a criminal attack.  A professional and thorough trainer, Mark particularly is patient and sensitive to the concerns of new shooters, but he relates well to shooters of all levels of experience.  Whether you're a brand new or experienced shooter, a competitor, or even a military or law enforcement professional, Mark will be able to bring valuable, real-world insight and knowledge to your training experience.  Aside from running DISCOVER SHOOTING on a part-time basis, Mark also runs his own full-time consulting business.

DEBORAH was raised in a very rural area, in the northern mid-west area of the U.S.  As a young girl, she gained familiarity with both rifles and shotguns, but she never had fired a semi-automatic handgun until she met Mark.  One of their first few dates included a trip to the range, where Mark then conducted Deborah's first handgun training session.  After her first experience firing a semi-automatic handgun, Deborah was hooked!  Thus, she continued to receive further firearms training.  Fast forward to the present, and Deborah has become a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and also is a certified Utah Instructor.  After having spent more than 20 years in the classroom as a public school teacher, Deborah prefers primarily to help with administrative tasks for DISCOVER SHOOTING, but she could assist with conducting concealed carry classes and other training, if needed.  

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NOTE:  We also have guest instructors from time-to-time.  The bios for any guest instructors, who teach specialized classes sponsored by DISCOVER SHOOTING, will appear along with the course description and class schedule for those classes (e.g., AR-15 classes, Self-defense classes, LEOSA Qualifications, DC legal classes, etc.).




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