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OUR classes can fulfill training requirements for permits in VA, DC, MD, AZ, FL, ME, NH, WV, etc.


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♦ DC and MARYLAND Training ♦

♦ ILLINOIS Permits ♦ Intro to Handgun ♦

♦ How to be able to carry concealed in MINNESOTA ♦

♦ Range and Laser Training (Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun) ♦

♦ Concealed/Open Carry Refresher Classes ♦

♦ AR-15 Training (Basic and Advanced) ♦

♦ Self-defense Classes ♦ and more!


Private group and individual (concierge) classes are available!


Concealed Carry Classes and other training

Multi-state Concealed Carry Classes** These classes can fulfill the training requirements for permits from several jurisdictions, including DC, MD, VA, UT, WV, and FL. (NOTE: Range qualification is required by some states/jurisdictions, including DC and MD.) 

For those interested in the Utah Non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit (“CFP”), it is the least expensive non-resident permit which affords the greatest reciprocity!   Combined with a VA resident permit, those who hold a UT Non-resident permit are allowed to carry a handgun in up to 38 STATES!***  

Contact us for details, if you already have, or plan to obtain, a resident permit or non-resident permit from another state.  We may be able to do your initial training, additional training, and/or refresher class.

DC and/or MD Classes – As mentioned above, we offer training that fulfills the training required for permits from DC and/or MD. We also conduct refresher classes for those seeking to renew DC and/or MD permits.

We also can refer VA residents to another instructor, who can assist with the training for an IL permit and/or a MN permit.  Ask us for more details about what training you need to apply for permits from IL and/or MN.  There’s more information elsewhere on our website, as well. 

Basic Handgun**  (aka "Intro to Handgun") – You do NOT need to own a handgun nor have any prior firearms experience or equipment to take this class!  This class will help to familiarize the student with handguns (semi-automatic and/or revolver).  It is a great class for those with no handgun experience or who are inexperienced shooters.  This class also is helpful for those who plan to purchase a handgun, or who already have a handgun, but need to learn how to operate, clean, maintain and store it.  Course topics include:  firearm safety; operation, cleaning, maintenance and storage; fundamentals of marksmanship; one hour of range training – and more.  In this class, you will be able to handle several handguns, and to choose one (or more) to shoot.   NOTE: This is NOT a concealed carry class – BUT, those who take this class will receive a discount off the price of any of our concealed carry classes and also a discounted rate on future Range Training and Laser Training sessions.

Self-Defense classes* (Group/individual women’s, men’s and co-ed) – We offer self-defense classes on many topics/levels.  Please contact us for more details.  We also can tailor a class to fit your specific self-defense needs.

Range Training****We offer range training for those seeking to improve their pistol, rifle and shotgun skills or to satisfy requirements for those seeking to obtain concealed carry permits from states requiring range qualificationThis training may be arranged in addition to any other course.  We offer discounted rates to those who have taken our classroom courses, or who purchase multi-session packages.  Students should bring their own firearm and 50-100 rounds of ammunition.  Those wishing to borrow (or rent) a firearm may do so (additional fees may apply).  Ammunition may be purchased at the range.

Laser Training****Laser Training is an excellent method to help quickly identify and correct sight alignment discrepancies and trigger control – and it’s a great way to develop instinctive or point shooting skills.  Laser training assumes that the student has some prior handgun shooting experience, so we recommend that those with little or no experience, enroll in our BASIC Handgun class, first (time permitting, some laser training may be included).  Students are encouraged to bring their own laser-equipped firearm and at least 50-100 rounds of ammunition, but those who wish to borrow a semi-automatic pistol – equipped with a Crimson Trace® laser grip – may do so (an additional fee may apply).  Ammunition may be purchased at the range.

AR-15 Training** We do Basic and Advanced AR-15 training (group classes or on an individual basis).  One of our adjunct instructors also is an armorer, who can build or modify an AR firearm, and also 1911 and Glock firearms.  Please contact us for more details. 

BASIC AR-15 – Course includes classroom time and range training.  In the classroom portion, you will be taught to be proficient at disassembling, reassembling, cleaning, lubricating, identifying worn or damaged parts and replacing parts in your AR-15. 

ADVANCED AR-15 – Designed for the experienced AR-15 user.  Ask us for details. 

Concealed/Open Carry Refresher Class** – This is an ideal class for those who already have a concealed carry permit, or who don’t, but will later on (e.g., those ages 18-20, who aren’t yet eligible to conceal carry), and consists of classroom-based instruction only.  This class covers current updates to state firearms statutes, federal firearms statutes and reciprocity.

Private Instruction** – Any of our classroom-based courses can be taught on an individual basis or to private groups (large or small).  We also may be available to bring our training your location (e.g., home or office), BUT certain conditions apply – ask for details.  Additional charges may apply, based on geographic location, and/or we may offer discounts to large groups.

* Please contact us for more details about our classes, and to obtain current price information.

** Prices for classroom-based courses do not include range time or any range fees or other fees (e.g., NRA range safety test, gun rental, ammunition, etc.).  Range time and/or range qualifications usually are scheduled at a separate time from the classroom instruction.

*** Information is accurate as of June 2019.  The total number of states with which you may have reciprocity depends upon what permits you hold, and is subject to change at any time, due to agreements between various states.

**** Prices for Range and Laser Training vary, based on whether or not it occurs in conjunction with another class.  Prices for Range and Laser Training and AR-15 classes are per individual and do not include the fee to take the NRA range safety test, nor any range user fees.  Those fees are to be paid by the student directly to the range.  Prices also do not include fees for gun rental, ammunition, etc.  Instruction may be 1:1, or in a group.


Gift Certificates! – Gift certificates are available for any occasion.  They are a unique and exciting gift to give!   Purchase a gift certificate today for a family member or friend.



Where/when are the courses taught?  Our business is located in Northern VA, so most of our classroom training takes place in that area.  Other firearms training which involves use of a firing range, mainly takes place at one of the local ranges, and we’ll help students select a shooting range.  From our base location in Northern VA, we primarily serve VA, DC, MD, WV, DE and PA residents, but we also can serve other locations by special arrangement.  Based on your particular scheduling needs, we may be available to teach daytime, evening or weekend classes.  We will do our best to plan dates, times and locations to help meet the needs of those with difficult unusual schedules, too.  Ask for details.

Do you teach private group and individual (concierge) classes?  Yes.  Our goal is to bring firearms training to a wide variety of individuals and age groups in many locations via public group classes, private group classes and individual (concierge) classes.  If you wish to schedule a private group or individual (concierge) class, please contact us.  

What size are the classes and what classes do you offer?  Scheduled group classes usually are small, so we can work closely with our students.  Private group class size varies, as each group is scheduled by special arrangement.  Range training usually is done individually, or in a group of no more than two students to one instructor (with some exceptions) – thus, allowing ample time to provide students with personalized attention.  We offer UTAH/Multi-State/BASIC Concealed Carry Classes, ADVANCED Concealed Carry Classes, Basic Handgun Classes, Self-Defense Classes, Range and Laser Training (handgun/rifle/shotgun), AR-15 Training, Concealed/Open Carry Refresher Classes – and more. 

Do I need to bring my own firearm for range training?  No, you do not.  Though students are encouraged to bring their own firearm and ammunition, if possible, if you do not own a firearm, you may borrow one (or, rent one at the range – additional fees may apply).  Also, ammunition may be purchased at the range.  See course/training descriptions for more details.

What firearms are available to borrow/rent?  If you do not own a gun, or want experience shooting various firearms, you may borrow a handgun (semi-automatic and revolver), rifle or shotgun from us.  (Models we do not have available to us, may be rented at the range.)

 Are there any additional charges?  Some additional charges may apply.

- Range usage fees and/or membership fees are not included.  These prices vary by range, and are to be paid by the student directly to the range.

- The NRA range charges for their range safety test (required for all range users).

 - Additional fees also may apply for students who wish to borrow (or rent) a firearm for range training, as well as for the purchase of additional ammunition (beyond any which may be included, if applicable). 

Do you offer training/courses for youths/youth groups?  Yes, we do.  Parents, guardians, and group leaders (scouts or other youth groups) should contact us for details and pricing.

Primarily, we serve VA, DC, MD, PA and WV residents, BUT we also serve other locations, by special arrangement. 

CONTACT US to find out how we can fulfill YOUR firearms training needs!


To register for a class, or obtain more information, please click the "Contact Us" link on the website, and fill in your contact details, or email us directly at: