Please check out our "KUDOS/COMPLIMENTS from Students" page for more kudos/compliments that we have received from students (and other folks we help), but below are just a couple that specifically deal with our assistance in helping students obtain a Maryland "Wear and Carry" Permit.

We receive far more kudos/compliments than those we post here on our website, and many of them come from folks with whom we've helped with the process — free-of-charge — because they didn't need our training services.  We may be the only firearms instructors who offer that kind of complimentary assistance, and we willl continue to do so, because we believe in helping others.  Period.  No, we'll likely never "get rich" that way, but our "treasures" and blessings aren't counted in terms of monetary value.

Hi Deborah,

A quick note to let you know that I got my Maryland Concealed Carry Permit today! You made the entire process so much easier. I hate paperwork, but you did all the hard work and made it very easy for me.  I’m sure that if I had tried to go through the process alone, I would have made a ton of mistakes, only to have my application returned to do over or outright denied. You saved me time and money, and saved me from a lot of stress. Thank you!

David C.

I got my Maryland Carry Permit yesterday.  It's been a long journey and thank you for all of your help.

God Bless




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